Pros Of Using A Desktop Hosting Company

If you are thinking of modernising your office hardware, you should consider investing in a hosted desktop. It is no longer effective or efficient to always work from the office in the current business world, which makes it necessary for businesses to invest in cloud services that allow employees to work from any location. Investing in a hosted desktop comes with many benefits that include:

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Performance: The amazing thing about hosted desktops is that you can access your applications and data at any time from any location using an internet enabled device. Furthermore, the use of hosted desktops helps to eliminate bottlenecks that occur when you are requesting and sending data between your office and cloud as it does not require processing or transmission of data over the internet. The reduced internet usage means that you can invest in a lower internet connection and enjoy better speed and performance and thus, save utility costs. Generally, businesses that transfer to hosted desktops enjoy better speeds and performance.

Reliability: Service interruptions due to power outages and internet connection interruption contribute to significant loss of profits as potential customers basically move to your competitor. Thankfully, with hosted desktops, you will no longer worry about internet or power outage as all you will need to do is to move to a café or any other place with an internet connection to continue working. Furthermore, the best desktop host providers offer fail-safe backup systems that give you peace of mind knowing that your data is protected against catastrophic events.

Security: Maintaining the safety and security of data in an office is a risky, costly affair but with a hosted service, you can relax easily knowing that your data is well secured. The best service providers offer physical, virtual and two-factor authentication security. The service providers usually invest in steel reinforced blast-proof walls, solid steel doors, and military electromagnetic pulse protection among other safety measures to create a resilient and secure business environment.

Scalability: With hosted services, you can access and use the services that you need without paying for unrequired services. The providers have flexible services that allow you to choose the best fit services for your business by easily adding or removing within a short notice.


If you choose a top desktop hosting provider, your business may also benefit from a fully managed migration eliminating the likeliness of disruptions that occur during transfer. Your business will also be able to benefit from a professional 24 hours, seven days a week support to make sure that your business runs smoothly as possible.